Monday, March 1, 2010

Just in case you are wondering where we are on the globe, I thought you would enjoy a pictorial safari around the world. This snapshot is a hand-painted map of Mtwara and surrounding region, aka our home sweet home along the Indian Ocean! On Valentine's Day, we joined the Swiss volunteers, Franziska & Roger, with their two beautiful children, Olivia & Mateo, for breakfast on the balcony of the Old Boma Hotel. The views of the Indian Ocean from the Old Boma are breathtaking. This painting is in the charming lobby of the Old Boma. Can you see the whales & dolphins jumping in the ocean?

The series of maps include a map of the African continent, a map of Tanzania and a political map of Tanzania. Tanzania is located in the southeastern corner of Africa while Mtwara is located in the southeastern corner of Tanzania. We are nearly next door neighbors to Mozambique and not that far from Madagascar in the south!

So now that you know exactly where we are, we do hope you will come to visit! Karibu sana!


  1. Diane & Earl,
    Joe and I are thinking of you, on this the first day of the month. Some news to share: I am flying to Tokyo a week from today for a 2-week visit to Chris as he starts remodeling the lower level of his in-laws' house. Chris & Kie bought the lower level of the house (the parents live upstairs) to turn into their own home/condo. Besides visiting and seeing the project, I will also take the train down to see Henry for a couple of days and tour around Kyoto/Nara/Osaka. My friend, Gennis, is traveling with me - she has never been to Asia before so this will be an adventure for her. Keep those pictures coming - they're great!

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  3. Sharman! What a treat to hear from you! And it's THANKS to YOU & JOE that we have photos!!! We are really having fun with the camera you gave us, although I have not figured out everything yet! And there are thousands of photos I would love to take, but we are trying to be sensitive to the locals. I have priceless photos in my mind that I wish I could share with you! Have a wonderful trip, and if you can, stop by for coffee! 8-) Much love to you & Joe & Henry too! Diane