Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Birthday, Earl!

He doesn’t look 60 to me! Yep, Earl just turned 60 today. Can you imagine that? Fortunately, we are on our much-too-short-mid-term break so we are able to really celebrate! We escaped to the Benedictine Fathers’ beach house, Eden II, for three days and it’s heaven! Silence and serenity…a soul-stirring solitude…such a grace!

And in the photo you will see many of Earl’s birthday gifts: gifts from our best friends, Moris & Bernard, the sun, the sea and the sky including smiles, sunshine, sea stars, sea urchins, seashells, a little sea crab, a starry night with full moon light topped off with stove-top brownies! How can you beat that? I know it’s Earl’s birthday and he is supposed to receive all the gifts, but I have truly been gifted with his love in my life. Happy Birthday, Darling!

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  1. Wishing you a "Very Belated" but "Very Happy birthday" Earl! I am terrible with birthdays and don't even remember Ralph's or his mom's. I remember Diane's because it is on the 15th of the month like my own, and I remember my son's since it is on Lincoln's Birthday and my dad's since it is on Washington's Birthday! But with all of that aside...I wish you an enjoyable and relaxing Happy Birthday! God bless and watch over you always! Tracy