Sunday, February 21, 2010

Oh my goodness! The sky just darkened and the heavens completely flooded the earth! It is teeming out there! Fortunately, I am safe & sound at home. But I’d better hurry up & blog before our power goes out.

We recently celebrated the feast of St. Thomas Aquinas, our school’s patron saint, with a special Mass and the blessing of our new girls’ hostel. Here are a few shots that Roger took during this very special occasion. From the top left, you will see Earl taking part in the tree planting ceremony, celebrating the schools 5th anniversary. Then there is Bishop Gabriele Mmole blessing the hostel. The Bishop is accompanied by our pastor, Baba Patrick, and Bernard, our seminarian friend. In the next photo, you’ll see some of our colleagues Theresia, Winfrida, Fabian, & Augustino sitting together with Mama Komba standing behind them. You’ll recognize Earl with Sr. Maureen, our new Filipino headmistress. Next you’ll see the students singing as they process with the Bishop around the new hostel. Then yours truly with hers truly dishing out the fun and the rice. Sr. Raphaela, the school’s manager, was impressed that the teachers were serving the students. Very gospel-like! What Sr. Raphaela did not know was that the last time the students served the food, there wasn’t any left for the teachers! In the next shot you’ll see Sr. Otilia supervising the cooks in our kitchen. And that line-up of canary yellow uniforms is our students entertaining our guests. I really love the center photo of our drummers’ hands – they provide the heartbeat!

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