Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Diane in Motion

I was fiddling around with our camera and happened to take this blurry photo of Diane moving across the main room of our home. She is turned to her right, wearing a navy blue Tanzanian dress with a matching head wrap. You can see through her to the kitchen where there is a sink.

I like this picture, poorly shot as it is, because it is representative of Diane being on the move so much. She works a lot harder than I do at school and also brings a lot of work home. We are very similar in our work ethic; but I take time to do personal reading, study Swahili, and write this blog.

Life in our town of Mtwara and our neighborhood is slower-paced than in the U.S. Tanzanians in general are not nearly as driven as we are. However, I find that although my life here is not heavily scheduled and planned out it is still full of activity and things that I want to get done. Just like in the U.S.

As the saying goes, "wherever you go, there you are". -Earl

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  1. Joe and I were away from our computer over the weekend because we were visiting Leslie who lives in San Diego. We enjoyed an entire weekend with her (she didn't have to work!) so it was great spending time with her. We are putting together a few things for you and will get them in the mail this week. Hope that chocolate makes it over there in decent shape!