Sunday, January 17, 2010

It’s back to school tomorrow! Yes, our lovely holiday break is over. We’ll start with Orientation on Monday and then classes formally begin on Tuesday. In addition to running the computer lab and doing computer maintenance for all the computers on our campus, Earl is teaching introductory computer classes to all the students (Form I – Form IV). I will be teaching English Language & English Literature to Form III & IV students. As well as running the library, I have also been asked to serve as Academic Mistress, Communication Arts Department Coordinator, Club Moderator AND Staff Secretary. I think I need a new hat rack or another head!

Actually, what I really need is old calendars! Our cement classroom walls are totally bare and I would love to be able to decorate them with great photos or artwork from old calendars. Or even old National Geographics and other educational magazines. Any photos with a decorative and/or educational touch would be great! If you have some that you would like to send, here’s our address c/o Diane:

Aquinas Secondary School
P.O. Box 515

Thank you all so much! We need all the help we can get. We really cannot do this alone. And when people share & care, our mission impossible becomes mission possible.

With grateful hearts, we thank you and the students thank you. And we all thank God! Tumshukuru Mungu!

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