Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Before dawn this morning we were awakened by a tumultuous rainstorm beating down on our roof. It sounded like the heavens were turned inside out! And it’s been raining on and off all day. In fact, it just started raining again as I write. Along the coast where we are, the weather tends to be hot and humid, with temperatures averaging between 25 & 29 degrees Celsius. Throughout East Africa, the coolest months are from June to September, and the warmest from December to March. We also have two rainy seasons. There are the ‘long’ rains that fall from mid-March through May when it rains nearly every day, but supposedly not all day. And the ‘short’ rains which fall between October and January. The last few months of ‘short’ rains have been unusually dry – with only a couple of rainstorms. So the wet rain is a welcome and refreshing relief from the hot blazing sun!

This fabulous photo from our school campus was taken a few days ago by Roger, a Swiss volunteer at our school. In the distance on the right you can see the bell tower and the cross of our parish church where we live. You should have been there when the rains came down! Diane.

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