Sunday, January 22, 2012

Zap 'em!

I love this gadget. It's a hand-held electrical bug zapper that we use all the time to kill mosquitoes. I have gotten pretty good at swatting them with just bare hands, but this device makes it much easier, and it's more effective.

As someone who readily attracts mosquitoes — I seem to be the hot spot on their sensors for warm-blooded animals — and gets really large itchy welts from the bites, I don't hesitate to kill these little buggers. Some time in my late teens I stopped getting pleasure from killing animals, from the sport of it. But I have to admit to an enjoyment of the sound and the smell of fried mosquito.

The one drawback to the model of zapper that is available here is that the rechargeable batteries inside them are of mediocre quality. The first zapper we got only lasted six months before the batteries stopped holding a charge. The second we stretched out to a year by only recharging when the batteries were completely depleted. The third had a slightly different and poorly designed on/off switch which broke almost immediately. What you see is the fourth, still working. But then what can you expect from something that only costs about five dollars? -Earl

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