Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday

The Gardener

This is a quiet ground to garden,
This resting-place of the dead, and yesterday
Should have been quieter still, with the Sabbath
Falling after the executions of the day before.
The rich man's tomb is filled now,
That I saw, rich enough to have a guard
Set overnight: some rowdy Romans drinking

Until all hours, and even when they slept,
No peace and quiet -- all night the sky lit up
As in that year once of the great star,
More star-born winds among the rocks and trees,
And sounds like flocks of birds in passage
Overhead. I kept my hut. The dead are walking,
Was my fear. And here it is day again,
Bright in its dawning, brighter still
For what is over. Little has stirred:
Only a pair of mourners, with their urns,
Women most likely, walking this way
Slowly, and just about to meet a third.

~Nancy G. Westerfield Kearny

Picture: Le Tombeau Vide - The Empty Tomb
Vie de Jesus Mafa

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