Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lent, Magomeni church

I took these two pictures today after attending the early morning Mass at our church in the Magomeni neighborhood of Mtwara, Church of Jesus Christ Redeemer [ Kanisa la Yesu Kristu Mkombozi ].

Purple being one of my favorite colors, I was drawn to take a few photos during this Lent. I really like the layout of this church and its light and airiness. Compared to most Catholic churches in the U.S. the furnishings are very simple. I find that appealing, maybe even elegant. The Tanzanians probably have a different view: that the simplicity is necessitated by having little money.

I wanted to get a photo of our pastor Fr Patrick Mwaya presiding but a visiting priest was there instead. Fr Patrick often goes to the outstations, of which there are several in various villages outside of town, so he is on the go quite a bit. I will catch him another time. -Earl

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