Monday, November 8, 2010


Diane is the moderator of the student art club and is also the school librarian. Consequently, she has put up a lot of student art work on the walls of the little library.

I just love this whimsical drawing of Diane in one of her Tanzanian-made dresses. It was done by Irene, a form two student (like a high school sophomore) who is also pictured here.

Irene is smart and sassy and, I think, a bit of an underachiever. But the reality is that we don't know much about the lives of our students, although we do get snippets of personal information from time to time.

The "AHAAAAA!" refers to Diane's version of "uh-huh" which she says emphatically and with a rising intonation. She uses this constantly, so much so that if I mimic it, students just crack up. -Earl

[Student photo by Roger Angst]


  1. I just hate to see all these articles all with Zero Comments so here goes:It's a joy to be in touch with you once again - This is from a reluctant Facebook member - Fr. Paul. I had to join to check on a couple who once lived in St. Jus'e center in Alfred in return for doing the routine maintenance - a biracial couple Ramona and Pierre Akpo-Sani. Pierre is a very black african man. Thanks for the birthday and Christmas greetings. I was going to create a christmas card, but got lost in the process. That's when I sent you that commercially created card. I hope you enjoyed it. Please pray for my family esp. My sister in Law Helen,and my Brother Robert - Both in need of serious prayer. I'm going the continue thes thoought later in an email - Love Fr. Paul

  2. How kind of you to comment, Paul! Loved the Christmas egreeting you sent - it was the first time I heard Silent Night this Christmas - brought tears to my eyes! Thank you so much! We are praying for you & your loved ones...may God's healing graces comfort all of you - especially Helen & Robert...will be in touch...much love, D&E