Monday, June 21, 2010

Three Children in Church

One day at the weekday morning Mass three children showed up who had not been attending before. Moving along the pews, they gradually made their way towards Diane. Before long they were sitting right up next to her, looking at her books of prayer and reflection, especially any pictures. They have been regulars ever since, cheerful, respectful, and well-behaved during the service, and always sitting with Diane. A bit later on their mother also started to attend regularly.

There are about twenty adults who go during the week, rarely are there children. So it is especially delightful that we have the presence of these watoto.

[I took the outside picture with their mother first because I wanted to get her permission to photograph. At that time I told her I also wanted to take a picture on another day of her children with Diane during Mass.]


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  1. Diane and Earl! I enjoy reading your articles! The mother with her three childern (above photo)...does she work? Is she married? Where do they receive medical/dental treatment? What do the children do when they are not in school? Thank you for your articles of human interest! Much Love and Prayers always!