Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas to one and all! Far from those we love and miss, we celebrated Christmas in a strange and faraway land. Yes, this was a very different Christmas for us this year. There were no signs of Christmas - anywhere! No Christmas tree. No Christmas lights. No tinsel.No candy canes. No snow angels. No Christmas carols. No Santa Claus. No cards. No gifts.

Finding no signs of Christmas around us, we discovered Christmas in our hearts!

And we celebrated the giftedness of our lives. And the holiest of gifts - the Christ Child. We can't think of a Merrier Christmas! And we hope and pray that all of you, especially our dear family and friends, will have a very Blessed Christmas and a New Year abundant with God's graces. May your lives be filled with much love, an abiding peace, an everlasting hope, and abundant joy. Although you are ever in our hearts, you are greatly missed and deeply loved...Diane

This statue of the Madonna and Child is from our parish church, Kanisa ya Yesu Kristu Mkombozi (Church of Jesus Christ the Redeemer).


  1. Earl & Diane - It's Christmas Day here in Calif & what a bright & sunny day it is. We spent Christmas Eve with family & celebrated with a traditional Chinese hot pot(s). It was loud, noisy with 7 dogs & 30 people in the mix & cozy with everyone squeezed into our living & dining rooms. It was an adventure as the electrical circuits were blowing every ten minutes. Guess I was too ambitious with having 6 hot pots going at the same time. It all worked out with all the engineering types in the family putting their heads together. We miss you fiercely but glad to know that you are well & happy with your new home & jobs. Diane looks very African with her new 'do & native dresses. Earl looks younger than ever, if that is at all possible. We wish you a Merry Christmas & wonderful hopeful new year! Love, Jan

  2. Hi, Diane and Earl! Happy Christmas! I love your blog and enjoyed reading your articles.

    It is a quiet Christmas for me, too. I got rid of most of what I have before Christmas. No dining tables and chairs, no bed, no pot and pans, no plates. I feel the same way you do feel about Christmas. Very quiet and peaceful ever.

    I am on Twitter now that I think I sent a link to you. I might be planning the blog once I settle in Japan.

    I miss you so much. Wish all the best, Diane and Earl. I think of you deeply. I am sure the new year will be very different for you and me.